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BigStitcher › MultiView Mode

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The MultiView Mode can be accessed by clicking the “MultiView” button in the main window.

  • All the views from different angles, channels or time points will be shown.
  • The views can be grouped by Illuminations or Tiles (they are grouped by default, but can be ungrouped by unticking the respective option at the bottom of the main window).

The right-click menu

Selecting the desired views and right-clicking in the main view list brings up a menu with the possible actions that can be performed.

  • Displaying shows functions for visualizing your data in BigDataViewer or ImageJ.
  • Processing shows the functions in the interest-point-based multi-view registration pipeline.
  • Calibration/Transformations shows functions for inspecting or modifying the view transformations.
  • Interest Points shows functions for visualizing and removing interest points.
  • Modifications shows functions for resaving the dataset.

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