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If you have Flex files from an older Opera system, you may receive a message from Bio-Formats stating that you need a LuraWave LWF license code to decode these files.

Decoding Flex files using the MBF distribution

The MBF Plugin Collection legally bundles the LuraWave LWF decoder module: McMaster University purchased a redistributable license from LuraTech (see below).

Steps to use:

  1. Download ImageJ and unpack it
  2. Download the MBF Plugins Collection
  3. Merge the MBF plugins into your ImageJ folder
  4. Use FileOpen… to convert your .flex files to OME-TIFF using Bio-Formats

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we cannot elaborate on the technical details of how the MBF collection provides this functionality, nor can we legally make this feature available within ImageJ2 or Fiji.

Purchasing your own license

Alternately, the LuraWave decoder is proprietary software which you can (theoretically) purchase from LuraTech. However, we do not know the details of who to contact, nor how much it costs to do so. In October of 2015 Foxit Corporation acquired LuraTech Imaging GmbH.

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