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This page demonstrates how to use the tooltip include tag.


Tooltips allow you to add text that only shows up when the reader’s hovers their mouse over some anchor text.

{% include tooltip text="This is the anchor text that will be displayed." tooltip="I'm a tooltip!" %}

This is the anchor text that will be displayed.I’m a tooltip!


Optional style can be applied to the anchor text.

{% include tooltip text="Here is some blue anchor text." tooltip="Non-blue tooltip" style="color:blue;" %}

Here is some blue anchor text.Non-blue tooltip


Note that tooltips have a 200 piexl width by default.

{% include tooltip text="This isn't going to end well." tooltip="Uh oh I have too much to say I shouldn't put it all in a tooltip!" style="color:blue;" %}

This isn’t going to end well.Uh oh I have too much to say I shouldn’t put it all in a tooltip!