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There are two kinds of sources which can be cited:

include citation cite a publication
include testimonial insert a personal quote from a person

Citing publications

The citation include is used to cite a publication.

Citing by DOI


{% include citation doi='10.1038/514550a' %}


Citation styles

The default citation style is APA, but Harvard and Vancouver styles are also supported:


{% include citation doi='10.1038/514550a' style='harvard1' %}



{% include citation doi='10.1038/514550a' style='vancouver' %}


All of these features are driven by the citation-js library, which is very powerful, even supporting your own custom CSL template, if you having extra time burning a hole in your continuum.

Citing by wiki page URL


{% include citation id="plugins/3d-viewer" %}


The DOI used is pulled from the front matter of the given wiki page URL.


If you want to cite the publication(s) associated with the current page, you can simply write {% include citation %} with no arguments, and the DOI will be pulled from the front matter at the top.

Multiple citations

Some wiki pages have multiple publications associated with them. In that case, all citations will be shown in the list:


{% include citation id="software/cellprofiler" %}



The testimonial include is used to quote an individual. Available fields:

person any user from this list
quote the text that will be displayed
source a link to the original quotation

The following liquid code:

{% include testimonial person='ctrueden'
  quote='ON VACATION UNTIL OCTOBER 5. For real this time!'
  source='' %}

produces the testimonial shown here.

Creating footnotes

In your document

Use the kramdown syntax in your document to refer to footnotes by number.

Regardless of where the liquid reference appears in your document, footnote text will always be at the bottom.

In your citation

Specify the footnote number in the include.

The following markdown and liquid code:

This is a reference[^1].

{% include citation fn=1 doi='10.1371/journal.pone.0038011' %}


This is a reference1.