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This page describes content relating to the Fiji distribution of ImageJ. Click the logo for details.

TrackMate Extensions

TrackMate is made to be extended thanks to its modular structure. We and several others have also developed other plugins that depend on TrackMate and extend its functionality. We document some of them here.

  • The TrackMate Helper: A tool that is used to measure tracking performance and optimize tracking settings based on the metrics defined in the Single-Particle-Tracking challenge and the Cell-Tracking challenge.

  • TrackMate ONeat by Varun Kapoor, and extension that can detect cell divisions based on a machine learning process.

  • The TrackMate CSV Importer: a plugin to import detections from a CSV table into TrackMate.

  • Find Maxima detector: a detector that used the ‘Find maxima’ command of ImageJ to detect objects. By Thorsten Wagner.