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The Great Wiki Launch

This page provides an overview of the “Great Wiki Launch” editing sprint of June 1-4, 2021. The content is archived here for historical purposes.

What In order to launch the new ImageJ wiki at the highest possible level of quality, we did a pass over all the content, correcting broken syntax, organizing the plugin categories, and making notes about any remaining issues.
Why Because there were more than 1400 pages which were mass converted from the old MediaWiki, and there were still rough edges that could not be fixed automatically.
Who We did it as a team! See the sign up sheet for the list of participants.
Where We met virtually in the wiki chat room and on the Fiji island (for audio/video).
When Tuesday, June 1 through Friday, June 4, 2021: the first of five virtual Fiji summer hacking weeks. Kickoff meeting (attendance optional!) was Tuesday at 1300 UTC (3pm CEST / 8am CT).
How The How to help page has all the details.

About the Fiji island

The I2K 2020 virtual conference used to great effect, creating a nice shared virtual space even though the community could not gather in person. We are doing the same for the Fiji hacking weeks: this space provides a place for you to jump in and out of the effort according to your availability over the course. You have the option to turn on audio, video, or both while on the island.

Alternately, you are of course also welcome to participate solely via chat. But participating in some aspects may not be feasible via text alone; e.g., Curtis Rueden gave a video presentation covering the state of the site on Wednesday at 1400 UTC on