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The Insight Toolkit (ITK) is a cross-platform, open-source application development framework widely used for the development of image segmentation and image registration programs.

ITK integration with ImageJ

Although ITK is a C++ application, many ITK functions are available in ImageJ through the SimpleITK Java compatibility layer.

Enabling this functionality in ImageJ is simply a matter of turning on the ImageJ-ITK update site . Note that this will trigger a large download, as it requires the SimpleITK native library (up to a few hundred MB).

What’s on the update site?

SimpleITK 0.90 is distributed with this update. After update all SimpleITK classes can be called from the script editor.

When using @itkImage parameters in scripts, ImageJ Dataset objects will be automatically converted to SimpleITK Image objects.

There are several templates in the Script Editor demonstrating ITK use. The following example shows how to perform Otsu multilevel threshold using SimpleITK.

# @itkImage image
# @OUTPUT Dataset output

from org.itk.simple import OtsuMultipleThresholdsImageFilter

otsu = OtsuMultipleThresholdsImageFilter()

# call otsu using simple itk wrapper
output = otsu.execute(image, 2, 0, 255, True)

Developer resources


To cite ITK, please use the following publication:

Yoo, T.S.; Ackerman, M. J. & Lorensen, W. E. et al. (2002), “Engineering and algorithm design for an image processing API: a technical report on ITK-the insight toolkit”, Studies in health technology and informatics: 586-592, PMID 15458157 (on Google Scholar).

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