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Resaving a dataset is a simple two step process:

  • select existing dataset
  • define resaving parameters

Some log output shows the resaving process.

starting export...
proccessing timepoint 1 / 1
proccessing setup 1 / 7
Thu Aug 21 13:36:24 CEST 2014: Opening '/Users/janosch/no_backup/HisYFP/././spim_TL18_Angle000.lsm' [1388x1040x81 ch=0 tp=0 type=uint8 image=ArrayImg<UnsignedShortType>]
(Thu Aug 21 13:38:15 CEST 2014): Saved xml '/Users/janosch/no_backup/HisYFP/dataset-hdf5.xml'.

View with BigDataViewer

Finally you can use BigDataViewer to view your data set.