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Colour merge

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This plugin allows you to merge two grayscale stacks into a single RGB stack. It is useful e.g. to merge a brightfield with the corresponding fluorescence image, or two different dye images of the same series.


Adapted from the MBF ImageJ manual:

The PluginsColor functionsColor Merge function gives the user the option of using the Difference arithmetic processing on the image stacks you select. This is not strictly a merge (when cyan and magenta merge they produce white, not yellow) but facilitates visualization of the separate channels1. You can perform a true merge if you turn off the “Difference” option.

Run the plugin and select the two images or stacks to be merged. It can be 8-bit, 16-bit, RGB… Select the desired colors from the drop-down options. uses the LUT that the image currently has (this is often the desired LUT). The "Difference" option performs a "difference" arithmetic operation rather than a "addition". If the "Pre-sub 2 from 1" option is checked the second image is subtracted from the first prior to merging.