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Blend two images

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A Clojure script illustrating how to:

  • Fetch images from the internet
  • Extract and iterate/loop the pixels on an image
  • Create a new image
  • Set the pixels of the image to a new value, in this case the average of two images

The script is maintained by Albert Cardona.


; Albert Cardona 20080427 at MPI-CBG Dresden Fiji hackathon.

; Opens a URL file path as an image
(let [opener (new]
  (defn open-url [url]
    (.openURL opener url)))

; Fetch two example 512x512 images from the net
(let [baboon (open-url "")
      bridge (open-url "")]
  ; Obtain color channel byte arrays for baboon color image
  (let [len (count (.. baboon (getProcessor) (getPixels))) ; could also say (* 512 512)
    r (make-array Byte/TYPE len)
    g (make-array Byte/TYPE len)
    b (make-array Byte/TYPE len)
    br (.. bridge (getProcessor) (getPixels))]
    ; Fill a copy of the channel arrays
    (.. baboon (getProcessor) (getRGB r g b))
    ; Blend the bridge pixels into each color channel of the baboon image
    (defn avg-byte [a b]
      (byte (/ (+ (bit-and a 255) b) 2)))
    (dotimes [i len]
      (let [pix (bit-and (aget br i) 255)]
    (aset r i (avg-byte (aget r i) pix))
    (aset g i (avg-byte (aget g i) pix))
    (aset b i (avg-byte (aget b i) pix))))
    ; Set the color channels
    (.. baboon (getProcessor) (setRGB r g b))
    ; Done!
    (.show baboon)))

; The above script is ready for a lot of macro abstraction

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