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3D cyclorama

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Fiji plugin to digitally unroll deformed tubes. If you use this plugin for your research or industrial applications we kindly ask you to cite our work [1].

[1] Rossides, C., Pender, S.L.F. & Schneider, P. “3D cyclorama for digital unrolling and visualisation of deformed tubes.” Sci Rep 11, 14672 (2021).


Step 1 - enable the 3Dcyclorama site:

  • Start Fiji
  • Go to Help > Update > Manage update sites
  • Click Add update site. Name: 3D cyclorama, URL:
  • Check the newly added 3Dcyclorama site
  • Click close
  • Click Apply changes

Step 2 - download dependencies:

  • Create a directory named FastDTW in the Fiji plugins directory (
  • Download the FastDTW algorithm from github (Click code > download zip)
  • Extract the contents of FastDTW-master (FastDTW.iml,, src, target, etc.) in

Step 3 - Run:

  • Restart Fiji
  • The 3D cyclorama plugin should appear in the Plugins menu towards the bottom in a menu titled 3D cyclorama


< Help and tutorial coming soon >



  • Added functionality to flatten sheets and scrolls.


  • Implemented sanity checks in GUI.


  • Restricted 3Dcyclorama GUI access to unnecessary backend functionality.


  • First mature GUI.