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BioVoxxel Figure Tools

The Figure tools is a collection of functions which may help when preparing images in ImageJ / Fiji for further use in publication figures.

The SVG Exporter is meant to export images and all related overlays in images, embedd images and objects in SVG files to enable loss-less scalability of scientific data. The Create Framed Inset Zoom function allows to create scaled copies of an image area with a certain integer zoom factor to prevent pixel alterations but keeping the original scaling information to allow proper scale bar addition. The metadata recorder (Meta-D-Rex) records processing steps image-specific and saves them in the image’s header to reproducibly store image processing steps. The LUT Channels Tool allows to customize personal favorite LUTs, tests color deficient vision and reproduces most important functionalities of the IJ Channels Tool as an alternative to the latter.


The figure tools are installed together with the BioVoxxel Toolbox


Figure Tools documentation can be found here

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Code on GitHub

Code on GitHub