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2017-12-29 - ImageJ2 and Fiji updated - now with search bar!

Just in time for the new year, we are proud to announce a new release of ImageJ2 version 2.0.0-rc-64.

The most significant improvement is a new search bar integrated with the main ImageJ window:


In this initial incarnation, the search bar finds commands, and can search the ImageJ wiki as well as the ImageJ Forum if you check those respective checkboxes.

For power users and developers, the search bar supports execution of “code snippets”—single lines of code for performing tasks—by starting the query with !. Any code that works in the Script Interpreter should be usable as a code snippet.

Developers can extend the capabilities of the search bar by writing Searcher plugins. Future plans include results for “Recent Files” as well as ImageJ Ops. If you have ideas for additional search capabilities, please share them on the ImageJ Forum!

ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-64 has many other updates as well, including an updated Console/Log window, as well as an updated macOS launcher compatible with Java 9.