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2016-05-25 - The ImageJ site has a new look!

Early last week, we received a report that the ImageJ web server might be compromised. To limit the damage, we took the machine offline and began a thorough upgrade progress: migrating the ImageJ wiki to a new web server, upgrading to the latest version of MediaWiki, and performing a thorough security audit of all installed extensions.

Four days later, the wiki was ready to return, although there were still some small missing features. For example, the top bar of links previously present no longer worked, due to the relevant extension no longer being compatible with the latest MediaWiki.

We started looking around for a suitable replacement, and found a great skin called Erudite with built-in support for a top bar of links. After some style tweaks, the new skin is looking great, and we are pleased to unveil the site’s new look!

What do you think? Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

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