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2009-06-26 - TrakEM2 0.7i now with non-linear transforms and fast marching region growth

TrakEM2 has been updated to version 0.7i

Please call “Help - Update Fiji” to get the new TrakEM2_.jar and updated dependency jars into your plugins folder.

The update includes:

  • Manual non-linear registration mode, multi-tile.
  • Region growing via Erwin Frise’s fast marching implemention in the Level Sets library. Just select an AreaList and click anywhere on an image using the pencil tool. Adjust algorithm parameters via right-click “Display - Adjust fast-marching parameters…”.
  • Preprocessor scripts in jython, javascript and beanshell.
  • Grid overlays in calibrated units.
  • Speedups for label importing from tif or amira into AreaList.

And many more. See all TrakEM2 0.7i new features and fixes.

The new manual non-linear transform mode is mostly the work of Stephan Saalfeld.

Thank you to Mitya Chklovskii for generously hosting a TrakEM2 development event.