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2009-05-07 - Updated TrakEM2 to version 0.7e

TrakEM2 has been updated to version 0.7e

Please call “Help - Update Fiji” to get the new TrakEM2_.jar into your plugins folder.

The update includes:

  • Fixed profiles ‘b’,’n’ for “Duplicate, Link and Send to [previous/next] Layer” functionality to select the new profile in the target layer, so that it can be immediately edited, its points deleted with ‘x’ and redrawn at ease.
  • Fixed stack-index ordering of AreaList, Pipe, etc. Z-objects. So now Home/End and PgUp/PgDn keys will do the right thing with ZDisplayable objects. For very large and complex AreaList, sending the AreaList to the top will repaint it much more smoothly (faster).
  • Extended AreaList fill-add (⇧ Shift +  Left Click) and fill-erase (⇧ Shift + ⌥ Alt +  Left Click) to look for delimited areas in other AreaList, in the intersection of other AreaList, or the combined areas delimited by several AreaLists.
  • Undoing no longer zooms out (oops).

Thanks to German Koestinger and Nuno da Costa for testing and bug reports.