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N5 is a library and API for storing large chunked n-dimensional tensors and arbitrary meta-data in a hierarchy of groups inspired by HDF5. It acts as an frontend for a diversity of storage backends, including a simple file-system based implementation, cloud-storage, the HDF5 format, and the Zarr format.

A Fiji plugin enables:

  • image writing with ImageJ using FileSave AsHDF5/N5/Zarr/OME-NGFF …
  • image reading with FileImportHDF5/N5/Zarr/OME-NGFF …

Another plugin lets you open datasets with BigDataViewer with FilePluginsHDF5/N5/Zarr/OME-NGFF Viewer.

User documentation

User documentation can be found on github

Developer resources

Details for developers can be found at the N5 repository.