[ImageJ-devel] Proposed web site domain changes

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Tue Nov 8 15:32:48 CST 2011

Hi everyone,

As you know, we are currently documenting the ImageJ2 development work at:

However, we do have the domain imagej.net. Currently, it is in use as
  imagej.net -> imagej.nih.gov/ij
  developer.imagej.net -> imagejdev.org
  fiji.imagej.net -> fiji.sc
  test.imagej.net -> a test website, not populated with anything

I think that moving forward, we should phase out the imagejdev.org domain,
which has been more targeted toward our initial 2-year effort than to the
ImageJ project as a whole. The content from imagejdev.org would remain in
place, but served under developer.imagej.net instead (with an automatic
redirect from the old imagejdev.org of course). This is in line with other
organizations having a "developer" subdomain or similar:
developer.mozilla.org, developer.amazon.com, developers.google.com, etc.

For source code repositories, Trac, Jenkins, Maven and other resources, we
could have a new subdomain such as code.imagej.net that would serve the
purpose of the current dev.imagejdev.org. (We could call it "dev.imagej.net"
but that might be confusing since there would also be a "
developer.imagej.net" that is something else.)

So, in summary, my proposal for updating the web resources is:
  imagej.net = Top level ImageJ portal. About ImageJ, downloads, plugins,
  developer.imagej.net = Documentation for developers coding against ImageJ.
  code.image.net = Project management tools: VCS, Trac, Jenkins, Maven

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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