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Subject: [fiji-devel] [Fwd: bug in IntervalIndexer.indexToPositionWithOffset
    with solution]

Hi ImgLib2ers,

in the last master commit Albert has found and fixed the first half of
the long standing quirk in IntervalIndexer at calculating indices and
positions with offsets (identified and reported a few weeks ago by
Christion and Martin).  IntervalIndexer was consistently(!) treating
offsets as negative offsets which was correct but unhandy using the
positive min property in Intervals.  It is clear that inverting the
logic in IntervalIndexer is a good idea.   To (hopefully) complete the
process and get consistency back, I pushed the second half of the
inversion now.  Either of both commits will break the KNIME code!  May
be it will break other code too that is using IntervalIndexer.  I beg
your pardon for being short in time and therefore not able to do
extensive testings.  Please check your code and sorry for the
inconvenience.  It's a short inconvenience for a better solution.

Best regards,

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