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An image-based plugin for relative mesurements using custom ROIs

**Author: ** Hernández, Irving.
**Date: ** 2016/09/08
**Requirements: ** ImageJ 1.17y or later
**Limitations: ** Requires unwarped/undistorted and a thresholded 8-bit stack.
**Source: **
**Installation: ** copy VHPro_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
**Description: **

This plugin uses ImageJ’s particle analyzer to track n-objects, in vertical order, through a stack. Imposition of the real time betwen stack frame is allowabe, also the output results in calibrated or uncalibrated unities. It can be customized to given graphical outputs from the results.

*See Also: ** *MultiTracker, Manual Tracking, SpotTracker, MTrack2, MTrackJ.