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Ticket #1070 (closed defect: fixed)

Opened 2012-03-14T13:59:10-05:00

Last modified 2012-10-15T15:38:03-05:00

Improve OptionsChannels UI

Reported by: bdezonia Owned by: bdezonia
Priority: major Milestone: imagej2-b5-scripting
Component: Plugins Version:
Severity: serious Keywords:
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Blocking: #1512

Description (last modified by bdezonia)

The OptionsChannels UI is very basic. The current FG & BG channel values are mashed into single fields of comma separated values. Make a list of values that can be added to or subtracted from.

Also there is code for tracking the last picked foreground and background colors. They are displayed as strings with labels prepended. Make dialog display actual (uneditable) colors and think of good label names.

Another possibility is to have the colors be invisible in the dialog but saved as parameters. So they are persistent and synchronized with IJ1 but hidden. This might be the best approach.

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comment:17 Changed 2012-09-04T13:04:41-05:00 by bdezonia

With commit f7f6c18f3171d822b8c7af38ecc0892b6c9f1f95 the IJ1 FG/BG colors are saved and loaded with the dialog but never displayed to the user.

The remaining taks for this ticket are to improve the ability to add/remove channel values rather than just a text string of comma separated values.

comment:18 Changed 2012-10-15T12:53:13-05:00 by bdezonia

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The remaining part of this ticket is better expressed in ticket #1292. closing.

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