SciJava methodology

Working together for good and awesome

Curtis Rueden, UW-Madison LOCI

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Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation

LOCI develops advanced optical and computational techniques for imaging and experimentally manipulating living specimens.




Why are we here?

  • To learn "the new stuff"?
  • To learn "best practices"?
  • To write "cleaner" or "more correct" code?
  • To make an impact!



  • Community is good at producing material!
  • Less good at organizing it
  • Over years, becomes difficult to find things
    Work together!
    Relieve pain and suffering!
    ImageJ will be as good as you make it!

Bootstrapping experiment!

Can you all organize these segments onto the wiki?


  • Unanswered post where I know the answer?
  • Unanswered post where I know who knows the answer?
  • Unanswered post about some unknown plugin?
  • Common FAQ on the forum?


  • Maven, POMs, versions
  • Intro to SciJava and ImageJ2 APIs
  • How to hack on Java projects in Eclipse
  • Which parts of ImageJ2 are usable? Stable?