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2016-07-21 - KNIME Image Processing hackathon

From Tuesday, July 5, 2016 through Thursday, July 14, 2016, Christian Dietz of the University of Konstanz hosted ~20 developers at the KNIME Konstanz Regional Office for a hackathon to develop the KNIME Image Processing extensions along with the underlying ImageJ Ops library, as well as other supporting technologies such as ImgLib2, ClearVolume and the BigDataViewer.


The following chart illustrates when everyone was present:

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Hackathon progress

Christian Dietz

  • Continued work on KNIME SciJava Nodes and KNIME SciJava Scripting

Richard Domander

Kyle Harrington

Stefan Helfrich

  • Proof-of-principle implementations of MatrixType and VectorType (matrixType )
  • Enable using global thresholds as local thresholds in Ops
  • Improve default OOBF handling for filters

Martin Horn & Alexander Fillbrunn

  • Started JavaScript based Image Viewer with BigDataViewer as tile-server

Curtis Rueden

  • Made major progress on improved op lookups using Nil (a.k.a. “typed null”) objects—work still ongoing on the nil branch of imagej-ops ; prep work already on master ([…226fc2114f0d68786f4a27b8fa498f18681379bf 1], 2 )
  • Cleaned up the dependencies of ImageJ Ops; in particular, use SCIFIO for I/O, not ImageJ 1.x and AWT (imagej-ops#413 )
  • Helped clean up Richard Domander ‘s “Topology namespace and ops” PR (imagej-ops#415 )
  • Created a (not yet functional) Kotlin SciJava script engine (scijava/scripting-kotlin )

Technical discussions

  • The future of ImageJ user interfaces: ImageJFX? KNIME? JavaScript + RESTful image server?
  • Languages on the JVM: using Scala, Kotlin and/or Groovy for future SciJava components