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Demo github links


Use path to link to a file off the repository root:

{% include github path='' %}

on GitHub

Use source to link to a source file within the repository’s src/main/java subtree:

{% include github source='net/imagej/' %}

on GitHub

Use org and repo to link to a different repository than imagej/imagej:

{% include github org='fiji' repo='TrackMate' path='' %}

on GitHub

You can give just a repo (or just an org), and it will be used for both org and repo:

{% include github repo='fiji' path='plugins/Examples/Fiji_Cube.ijm' %}

on GitHub

If you give neither a path nor a source then it links to the repository as a whole:

{% include github repo='fiji' %}  

on GitHub

Use tag to specify a tag (rather than master):

{% include github tag='imagej-2.0.0-beta-7.9' path='app/src/test/java/imagej/debug/' %}  

on GitHub

Specifying tag alone links to the tag description:

{% include github tag='imagej-2.0.0-rc-44' %}  

on GitHub

Use commit to specify a commit hash:

{% include github commit='7a10880d485a13fc449d84c7e2eca3e1481064ee' label='imagej@7a10880d' %}  


Use issue or pr to specify an issue or PR number:

{% include github issue='83' label='imagej\#83' %} {% include github pr='88' label='imagej\#88' %}  

imagej#83 imagej#88

Use label to override the label:

{% include github repo='fiji' path='plugins/Examples/Fiji_Logo_3D.js' label='Fiji...' %}