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    This widget allows you to add a [SWITCHtube](https://tube.switch.ch/) video player to your wiki page. Using this widget ----------------- Supported parameters include: - `id` - ID of the video to embed - `caption` - description with link to video (default is "\[view on SWITCHtube\]") - `width` - width of the video (default is 640) - `height` - height of the video (default is 360) Copy to your site ----------------- To use this widget on your site, just install the [MediaWiki Widgets extension](https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Widgets) and the copy \[TODO fullurl: {"content"=>"\\_\\_\\_SHADOW1\\_\\_\\_", "action"=>"edit"} full source code\] of this page to your wiki, as an article called **TODO fullpagename: **. \[view on SWITCHtube\] </span>