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    An image-based plugin for relative mesurements using custom ROIs

    ’'’Author: *’ Hernández, Irving.
    *‘Date: *’ 2016/09/08
    *‘Requirements: *’ ImageJ 1.17y or later
    *‘Limitations: *’ Requires unwarped/undistorted and a thresholded 8-bit stack.
    *‘Source: *’ VHPro_.java
    *‘Installation: *’ copy VHPro_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
    *‘Description: ‘’’

    This plugin uses ImageJ’s particle analyzer to track n-objects, in vertical order, through a stack. Imposition of the real time betwen stack frame is allowabe, also the output results in calibrated or uncalibrated unities. It can be customized to given graphical outputs from the results.

    ’'’See Also: ‘’’ MultiTracker, Manual Tracking, SpotTracker, MTrack2, MTrackJ.