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Unit tests for ImageJ1

    There are a substantial number of unit tests to exercise ImageJ 1.x functionality. You can find them in the ij1-tests repository :

    git clone git://github.com/imagej/ij1-tests

    There is a Travis job here that automatically runs the tests with each new version of ImageJ 1.x.

    Running the tests

    If you wish to run the unit tests manually, you can do so from the command line:

    cd ij1-tests
    mvn clean test

    Or from Eclipse:

    1. Import the ij1-tests project using File › Import Existing Maven Projects and choosing the ij1-tests/pom.xml file.
    2. Right-click the ij1-tests project, Run As › JUnit Test .

    Using a different version of ImageJ1

    You can change which version of ImageJ1 is tested by overriding the imagej1.version property:

    mvn -Dimagej1.version=1.48a clean test

    Or whichever version you wish to use (of those listed here). The unit tests were created circa 1.44, and do not compile correctly with earlier versions of ImageJ.