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The Hue Game


    The Hue Game




    Johannes Schindelin


    Johannes Schindelin


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    The Hue Game

    This game is based on an online demonstration of xrite.com and is included in Fiji to demonstrate a couple of things:

    • Humans’ color perception is a tricky thing (take home lesson: use color maps to analyze images visually)
    • how to override ImageJ1’s mouse listeners from a script
    • that you can have fun in Fiji

    It is also educating to play with the hues that are displayed. The script represents colors in the CIELab space. The L axis represents the luminance. The a and b axes represent the hue (a is often referred to as the green/red axis and b as yellow/blue one, but this is not quite an accurate notion).

    The four grid lines of the game display evenly spaced color samples along the sides of a quadrilateral in the plane defined by L = 72.

    To play with the script, hold down the Shift key and then open the Plugins › Examples menu and click on The Hue Game (hold the Shift key pressed down all while doing that). This will open the script in the Script Editor. Just change the numbers in the second-to-last line of the script (the 72 is the luminance, the next parameter is a list of the a coordinates of the quadrilateral, followed by the b coordinates). Then call the script with Run>Run.