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Sync Windows

    TODO component: {"content"=>"sc.fiji:Sync\\_Win"} The Sync Windows plugin synchronizes mouse motion and input between multiple windows. Thus, an ROI drawn in one window is replicated in all other synchronized windows in the synchronized window set. A synchronization cursor (the red box above) indicates the location of the mouse in all synchronized windows.


    ImageJ: Copy the Sync_Win.jar file from https://imagej.net/plugins/download/jars/Sync_Win.jar into the ImageJ/Plugins folder and either restart ImageJ or run the Help › Update Menus
    command. After this two new commands should appear in Analyze › Tools
    Sync Windows and Sync Measure 3D.

    Fiji: this plugin is part of the Fiji distribution, there is no need to download it.


    The command Analyze › Tools › Sync Windows opens a dialog that allows to choose what features should be synchronized:

    • Sync Cursor
    • Sync Channels
    • Image Coordinates
    • Sync z-Slices
    • Sync t-Frames
    • Image Scaling

    Clicking on Synchronize All starts synchronizing all windows, clicking on Unsynchronize All stops synchronization.