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Simple Neurite Tracer › 3D Interaction

    This page is outdated and and likely irrelevant. The latest SNT documentation can be found here

    It is now possible to select the points for traces in the 3D Viewer rather than the 2D view.

    In order to select points for tracing in the 3D Viewer, you need to use the “Wand” tool. In order to rotate the view, you need to use the “Hand” tool. Once you have selected each of these once, you should be able to switch between them by pressing the Esc key.

    The following key shortcuts also work in the 3D Viewer:

    • Y confirm the temporary path segment
    • N cancel the temporary path segment
    • F complete the current path
    • G select the current path under the mouse pointer

    You can still create branches and joins in the 3D Viewer as you would in the 2D viewer. First select the path you want to branch off, or join to by pressing G while the mouse pointer is over that path. (It should turn green.) Then create the join or branch by holding down the join modifier key (Ctrl on Windows and Linux, Alt on Mac OS) and clicking at the right point on the selected path.

    The dataset used in the screencast can be downloaded from the Diadem challenge website.