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Shortcuts to folders inside Fiji.app

    Shortcuts to folders inside Fiji.app

    Put Fiji.app in a folder (named for exemple “Fiji”):

    Right click on Fiji.app and choose “Show Package Contents”:

    This will open a new window showing the folders inside Fiji.app:

    Pressing both option (⌥) and cmd (⌘) keys, drag and drop the folders you want easy access to (here “plugins”) in your “Fiji” folder, next to Fiji.app:

    This will create an alias (labeled by a small arrow in the lower left corner of the icon) to the chosen folder:

    Do the same drag and drop with option and cmd to make aliases of all folders inside Fiji.app you want easy access to:

    When you will need access to those folders, for exemple the “luts” folder in the Dialog opened by Color › Edit LUT › Open… , you will be able to get into the folder easily using the alias: