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Mailing Lists

    There are several mailing lists for community discussion and troubleshooting.

    The recommended way to get help with ImageJ is to use the Image.sc Forum.
    You will find a friendly community with many experts on both scientific and technical topics.

    Please search the list archives first to find any previous discussions regarding your problem.

    If you have a natural allergy toward subscribing to mailing lists, there are other ways to get help, too.


    If you have found a bug, please submit a bug report via the Help menu’s Report a Bug plugin.

    Search for an existing bug before reporting a new one.


    List Description Nabble Archives
    ImageJ For general user and developer discussion about ImageJ, mostly focused on ImageJ1. For a larger community of ImageJ2 and Fiji users, the Image.sc Forum is preferred. Nabble Archives
    List Description Archives
    SciJava For discussion of SciJava supporting libraries. Archives
    μManager Micro-Manager: open source software package for control of automated microscopes. Archives