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    More ImageJ plugins

    The Konstanz kNowledge Information Mining Environment.

    valign=center|µManager is an extensive software suite to interact with microscopes. It integrates nicely as an ImageJ plugin (Plugins › Micro-Manager › Micro-Manager Studio ).

    OpenSPIM is an Open Access and Open Source project to make Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) accessible to researchers working with, or on, SPIM technology.

    Slide Set is a batch processing system for ImageJ, already leveraging the power of ImageJ2.

    Image Processing and Ethics

    See the Principles page.


    See the Formats page.

    Movie support

    See the Video page.

    Image Processing

    See the Principles page.

    A pixel is not a little square. Really. It is not. Pixels may be spaced on a regular grid. But that does not make them square. Even thinking about them as squares will harm your analysis, since it is simply wrong.

    Explore the Hypermedia Image Processing Reference of the Department of Artificial Intelligence in the University of Edinburgh for an extensive overview of available image processing techniques.

    The University of Edinburgh also has the rather complete CVonline compendium of Computer Vision.

    A scientific image is not a photograph!

    External tutorials.

    Programming in science

    In research Software should be treated just like materials: if you publish your results, you should publish the software (including source code), too.

    Even Nature says that your code is good enough; you should publish it if you want to be a good scientist.

    If you’re still unsure and think that your code is not good enough, then publish it under a license appropriate for science (CRAPL).



    Imaging Networks and Facilities