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Correct 3D Drift

    TODO component: {"content"=>"sc.fiji:Correct\\_3D\\_Drift"} This Fiji menu command is implemented by the script Correct_3D_Drift.py .

    1. The script expects the currently open and active image to be a hyperstack (or virtual hyperstack) consisting of 2D or 3D volumes over time. The script registers the time points to each other using the phase correlation implementation of ImgLib 1.
    2. Once implemented a dialogue box will request the use to select the color channel to use for registration.
    3. If memory is limiting on the system then the user can select to use a virtualstack for the result.
    4. If a virtualstack is selected the a folder save the aligned stack to needs to be selected.
    5. After some processing (there are progress bars), the resulting, registered volumes are opened. If a virtualstack was selected the registered volume will already be saved in the chosen target folder.

    The script was originally written by Albert Cardona and Robert Bryson-Richardson while attending the Developmental Imaging EMBO course organized by Gabriel G. Martins.