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    ImageJ community members are often available via a couple of different chat services.

    If you have ““image analysis”” questions, it is better to use the Image.sc Forum, rather than chat rooms. Most of ImageJ community”s image analysis experts frequent the Image.sc Forum, not live chat rooms.


    The Gitter chat service, while relatively new, is a great way to discuss programming issues with developers of the SciJava component collection. All you need is either a GitHub or Twitter account. Advantages of Gitter include a nice “21st century” web interface, email notification when participants miss messages, and a full searchable history.

    Logo Organization Chat rooms
    ImageJ imagej
    Fiji fiji
    KNIME knime-ip
    ImgLib2 imglib
    SCIFIO scifio
    SciJava scijava


    Some community members frequent IRC on irc.freenode.net, in chat rooms:

    Channel Description Chat logs
    #imagejdev Core ImageJ development discussion. imagejdev logs
    #fiji-devel Fiji user and developer discussion and questions. fiji-devel logs

    Advantages of IRC include anonymity, and maximum compatibility with a huge variety of existing chat clients.