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2015-11-30 - ImageJ winter priorities

    Here is a status update from the ImageJ team at LOCI: where we’re at, what’s next, and what tasks we see as the most important to keep ImageJ moving forward.

    Top priority

    First and foremost, we’re on the cusp of submitting a paper describing the structure of ImageJ2, which is a critical step towards future funding efforts.

    On the technical side, Curtis Rueden
    just wrote the first ImageJ code using Java 8 functionality, which will continue drive our need to migrate
    . One recent and fundamental step in this direction is the release of the 3D update site
    providing Java 7- and 8-compatible versions of 3D ImageJ plugins (previously relegated to Java 6).

    Next steps

    In the coming months we have several projects of interest. In approximate order of our priority:

    Long-term plans

    • Better support for arbitrarily large planes (via google-maps style scaling)
    • Improved support for arbitrarily large images (i.e., with huge numbers of planes or blocks)
    • JavaFX-based UI

    Continued support

    While not directly tied to any one issue or reportable task, LOCI will continue to support:

    • The ImageJ community—especially with the success of the new forum
    • LOCI scientific collaborations
    • Technical training, via continued presentations, workshops and wiki guides.