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2015-06-17 - Better behavior on OS X

    Recent versions of OS X have seen a radical shift in how Java works. Apple no longer ships their own version of Java, but instead recommends users install Oracle’s Java 7 or Java 8 runtime themselves. In recent years, these changes have made ImageJ deployment on OS X more difficult.

    Fortunately, the ImageJ team is happy to announce that ImageJ2 now behaves better on recent versions of OS X:

    • The ImageJ Launcher now makes a best effort to use the newest installed version of Java.
    • You no longer have to install Apple Java 6 just to run ImageJ—it is enough to just install Java 8.
    • A critical bug was fixed preventing Java platform extensions (in particular, JavaScript) from working properly on OS X with Java 7 and 8.

    There may still be some kinks to iron out. If you are running OS X, please update your installation and let us know how it works for you!